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Empathy – It’s all about resonance.

Right now I’m at the beach, again. It’s a yearly event we have in our family. We like to go to Rockaway Beach in Oregon.

It’s a very nice day, you can see behind me here, it’s a blue sky and sunny and very nice. I’ve been out for a few hours now – walking and soaking up the sun and looking at people and all that. It’s very nice.

And I brought my video camera, so why not shoot a video while I’m out? I started this video series, Emotions from A to Z and I have come to the letter E, and I want to talk about Empathy.

As I was sitting on the beach, I was pondering about what Empathy is, and I think it can be explained from a perspective of physics. I have an engineering degree in Telecommunications, it’s about wave technology and all that stuff. You know, this universe is basically made up of vibrations and frequency, and I think you can use this part of physics to explain what goes on on the subtle levels as well, not just in radio communication and communications between cellphones and all that.

It’s fascinating and all, but I think you can use it on everything. It’s resonance, that’s what it’s all about. You know, you have two antennas and you want to send a radio communication from radio antenna A to antenna B, you need to tune antenna B to the same frequency of antenna A, you want that resonance so you can receive the transmission.

I think also our emotional centers are transmitters and receivers as well, just like an antenna. It’s just that the frequency is a lot higher – a LOT higher. But the principles are the same.



Greg Walters – Monks in Thailand

So, let’s say for example you have a group of people who are going to watch the football game on TV, and when they get together that vibration of enjoying the game and rooting for their team, something happens and it’s like the power of this group of people is so much greater when they are together than when they are individuals, because their passion for their team, the joy of watching this game on TV and rooting for their team – there is a resonance between all of them, so the amplitude, you know the power, of this wavefront they create is so much greater. So they are attracted to each other because they receive what they themselves are sending out, so everything is just enhanced.

And the same thing goes if – let’s say you have a group of people gathering at the town hall and they have posters and protesting against – whatever – and they write on these signs, and they are being very angry and frustrated, and they all agree with each other, they are right, this is a bad thing, we should stop this.

So this little group of people is more powerful than they are as individuals. What they are creating though might not be so beneficial for the rest of humanity, but that’s not really the point. They are being very empathic toward each other, right.

So they pick up the next persons anger, because it resonates with their own anger, so they feel even more justified about their own anger.

But really, there is no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of resonance. So we tend to resonate toward people who feel the same way we do about life as we do.

But, if we take this from a third perspective, a third example.

Let’s say you have a group of buddhist monks on the other side of the planet, on a mountain top, chanting. They are in this pure state of love, no judgement – they are connected to the cosmic flow of life and unconditional love. They channel it into their bodies and they radiate it out again.

And this group of people, this group of monks, sitting on that mountain top – they are so powerful because unconditional love is the master vibration. It’s like, nothing can tamper with it, because it is balanced. It’s not polarized in any way. It’s like this pure still point which can’t be affected.

So these monks sitting on this mountain top on the other side of the world, they are affecting the whole world. People who are carrying this vibration in their hearts are, subconsciously, picking up this vibration, so they are going to feel it. And I think still it’s a matter of physics.

As more and more people on this planet are waking up to the fact that they are very powerful creators, through their thoughts, emotional centers and also through their hearts, with this unconditional love, they can change the world.

And I think – even though we are just individuals – we are connected with, through resonance, every other individual who also wants to see a better world.

So together we make this grid of people, hooked up to this cosmic wave of love, and they are receiving it and transmitting it, and it changes them from the inside out. It rewrites their cells, clears out debris, because this unconditional love is balanced. So the more you bring it into your body, the more you purge whatever is polarized within you, both your thoughts, your emotions and everything – it balances.

That’s a very powerful way of being empathic.

But I think – I briefly mentioned this in another video about compassion – I see it like this compassion is something you feel for someone, while empathy is something you feel as someone. Basically, there is a resonance.

So you feel someone is in pain, which means on some level, you are carrying the same pain, because you understand it, you resonate with it on some level. It might not be as big as what the other person is carrying, but it might be big enough for you to pick it up.

And this is how we relate to the world, though resonance, physics. At least that is one way of explaining it. I’m sure it’s really too complex for the brain to understand it in any way, but I have found this to be a helpful way to explain it.

So, I think I am going to end it. Next time, F – Fear, that’s a big one.

So stay tuned, OK. Bye!

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Misunderstood? It’s not your job to be understood

It’s was a beautiful day – not a cloud in sight – which was very nice.

Being misunderstood is OK – Walk the path your way. Others not getting it is OK. paul bica CC BY (photo cropped)

As I was walking out the door I was wondering, you know, “where do I go?”. I like to walk different places and find and discover new places. I chose to simply follow my intuition, so I was like just follow this road and see what happens.

And I thought I knew what was down that particular path, because I have been down in that area many times. So I was thinking: Dude, you know, let’s just trust this instinct and go down here. I ended up in this beautiful park. There was a little creek behind me where I shot a video and there were benches all around. You know, people have done a really good job down there. It was beautiful.

So, I’m pleased! – By the fact that I chose to follow my intuition and that little inner voice telling me where to go.

So I started pondering about how it feels to be misunderstood…

_ Misunderstood and Lonely _NuageDeNuit | Chiara Vitellozzi / CC BY-NC-ND

I don’t know if it is really an emotion or something else, but… it’s a little bit like… It can be confusing. I remember from my childhood – I felt so misunderstood all the time. Trying to convey my knowingness to other people and, you know… when they come from a different place than you do, it’s really easy to get misunderstood. And I think ultimately we are always misunderstood on some level. It depends on how much you resonate with the people you are talking to.

I saw a video the other day. Someone asked: Is a Buddha (you know, someone who is enlightened) bound to be misunderstood? I think it was Osho. He said, yes, a Buddha is always misunderstood because he is trying put into words what can not be put into words.
And I think this is what we humans try to do all the time. We look around us and we have to define all these things. We have to put them into little boxes so we can present them in words. And so it is very easy to become trapped in the mind when we are doing this. That’s what happened in this society. We have become so mind oriented that we actually lost sight of the real word in a sense – we think we know what is in front of us because we have defined it in a certain way, when in fact that definition is very limited compared to reality itself.

So when we allow ourselves to just release all our inner definitions, release all we think we know about the world, the world will reveal to us a bigger aspect that we did not see before. And I think this is a path we can be on forever. There is always more to creation than meets the eye. It is simply about total utter allowance. And we can try to convey to people what we know, but let’s not be to concerned about being understood or not, because you and I are not in charge of how others view their world.

So if they misunderstand us and get angry at us, when our intention was to – you know, when they take what we said in a completely different way than we intended, it’s really not our responsibility – so, please don’t feel bad about that. I used to feel bad about that all the time, but I grew tired of it after a while.

So I think that is my main message. Don’t worry about being misunderstood. It is not your responsibility to be understood. You are just here to, you know, experience life in your way, and grow and evolve and… release your definitions all together if you wish – or create new ones.

It is your choice.

No one can tell you what you are to do in this life.

So – Have a Great day! I am having a good day and I hope your are having a great day too. Take care. Bye!

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Meditation – A guide to meditation for beginners

Meditation for beginners

Photo by Alice Popcorn on Flicker.

Meditation for Beginners

Guide to Meditation for Beginners

Image by Roshnii via Flickr

In this guide to meditation for beginners, we will introduce a couple of resources that you might find helpful in your quest to learn meditation. If you are anxious to begin, read through the article and do the guided meditation at the bottom a try. It’s great!

When you read the text below, keep this quote in mind:

“Successful meditation with the mind, ultimately leads to meditation without the mind.”

– Unknown

In a post by Maya Mendoza, she talks about the correct mindset a new meditation practitioner must adopt. It is important to know what challenges you might expect when first starting out, because if you are not prepared you might quit thinking you’re doin’ it wrong. Meditation can be hard and learning it is like any other skill; it takes practice to make perfect.

One of the most important things a beginning meditator needs to do is establish the mind set that meditation is a training, that it takes lots of practice for one to get skillful. Therefore, establish a daily meditation routine and stick with it. Find a place that you will feel most comfortable and sit there at least once a day. It doesn’t matter what position you sit in. You can sit on the floor or in a chair. Just make sure you are comfortable and you can keep your back straight. Now sit for as long as you possibly can. It takes time for both the body and mind to build endurance. Start with five or ten minuets and gradually increase the length of time as you get more comfortable. Just remember, meditating takes a lot of practice. One must first be an apprentice before they can become a master….

More at Your Questions About Meditation Tips For Beginners – Maya Mendoza 

Below are a couple of “meditation for beginners” videos.

This first one talks about some of the challenges you might run into as you start out meditating. It is a 16 minute video, but the guy has a lot of good insights to share about what to expect when first starting out, and how to deal with the challenges that most certainly will show up. Have a look…
The second video is a short “tips for meditation; for beginners” video where the guy doing the video will elaborate on these topics:
1. Finding the right spot
2. Preparing physically
3. Staying relaxed
4. The right time
5. Music Choices
6. Regularity

A guide to meditation for beginners audio sample

Actually it is a video, but it has a guided audio meditation. I just did this one myself and it was quite relaxing. My muscles feel much less tense and I generally feel more present. I’m not being pulled into thought loops, like I were before I did it, and that is quite comfortable. I encourage you to give this one a try, and if you feel it works for you, do it once a day. It is an 18-19 minute long exercise.

The link in the tweet below points to a book meant for meditation newbies. Listen to this excerpt:

“Understanding Meditation” is an essential read for anyone who’s trying to improve their lives and eliminate stress, and wants to replace it with greater happiness and an increased ability to relax and enjoy life.

I have not personally read this book, but from what I read in the description text it might be a good match for beginner meditators. If you by any chance happen to have read it, please leave a comment about how you liked it.. Any other favourite books about meditation? Share it!

There is a ton of stuff about meditation for beginners online. Thank You for stopping by, and if you feel inclined to, please share with your friends. Wishing you the best of days!

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To Infinity and Beyond! A Journey of Self Discovery.

To Infinity and Beyond

“To Infinity and Beyond” – Buzz Lightyear Photo By Emily Davis Photography on Flickr

“To Infinity and Beyond!” – Buzz Lightyear

Welcome to Be Infinity. This is the first post. Pretty awesome right?

In the time to come the infinite will take over this blog, slowly eroding rigid structures of the mind. It will be guiding the consciousness toward that which is much more awesome…Infinity. Infinity is cool. Infinity is pure potential. Everything exists there, even nothing exist there. It can contain even nothingness, it is that vast. Vast is cool. Narrow, tight, slow  and rigid is also cool – because it is contained within it. Why say “no” to stuff when we can embrace it all. It is just a change of perspective really. Nothing drastic. Lets step back and wonder about the vastness of infinity and beyond together  Lets marvel over it’s simplicity and complexity over a cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is also part of infinity. Hot chocolate is awesome!! I like awesome. I like you. You are Awesome!

Here’s a Twitter Post with some wisdom in it:


Infinity is a serious topic and it should be treated as such.


Infinity By OverdueConfessions on Flic

Right? Or is actually a silly topic? Both? Well, that is actually my point, infinity is all of it. Our job is to choose the angel we look at it from. Nothing right, nothing wrong, but strangely it is both.

This kind of thinking can turn the brain into a spin in a very short time, but maybe that is a good thing. Why? Because when we open up to infinity in our daily life, things seem less scary in a way. The mind can get a break from judging our environment and we get to enjoy our experience instead.

But relax, this is not a class or a test of who can be most infinite. Infinity is the ultimate relaxation. Even stress is allowed in this space.



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Grief – Realize it is yourself you are missing… wait, what?

Hi! Espen here, again, with a new video.

I’m going to be talking about grief today. I’m going to talk about how I perceive the emotion of grief, what I think it is. I’m going to talk about what I think are the causes of grief, how we can deal with grief in our own life, and how I have dealt with it in my life. Grief is like any other emotion, beside unconditional love, which is not really an emotion, it’s a state of being. I feel that in every emotion there is some sort of resistance. Even happiness is some sort of resistance to unconditional love – resistance to what is. Because I feel it is based in duality.

I think unconditional love doesn’t have a counterpart, but emotions usually have a counterpart in the sense that “you feel an emotion whenever you place something outside of yourself”. When you feel unconditional love for something or someone, or you just ARE unconditional love, your state of being is unconditional love, you just perceive the world as your self. You are not focused on the little self, the little human being that you are. You sort of realize that you placed your consciousness in this body, but it is not really you. You are pure consciousness, you are pure love. And I know that sounds a little bit airy fairy for some, but I don’t know any better way of explaining it. It’s a state of unity instead of separation. You don’t put unconditional love outside yourself.

So grief is there whenever you feel you have lost someone or something that was important to you – you feel a sense of grief. And when you feel you have lost someone it means that you have placed them outside yourself.

Alone again.

Neil Moralee – Alone again.

So let’s say you loose a family member that was very dear to you. Naturally you are going to feel a sense of grief. Their essence is now gone and there was a certain resonances that happened with them. You know, you looked at this person and they activated something within yourself – so there was a sense of resonance. So by looking at them, you perceived the way they were by the vibrations they carried. And they triggered those same vibrations within yourself. So when this person goes away, and there is nothing… the vibrations they carried is nowhere to be found in the outer world anymore. It is still within you though, but that person that passed away doesn’t activate it within you anymore.

GriefBut I think the important thing to realize is that it was you that you were feeling all along, and you can access that feeling anytime by realizing that it is all you. You know, you filter the world through your own senses and your own energy field and your own vibrations, and you can’t feel something that does not resonate within you.

So, when you feel you have lost something, it means you have given away your power to the outer world, when in fact it resides within. I think in a pure state of unconditional love you simply allow the world to be that which it is. And you don’t resist anything, so everything becomes available to you. You sort of become everything and nothing.

Not sure if there are any good way of explaining these concepts, but I recommend playing with these things. I’ll give you an example from my own life. My grandparents passed away when I was a kid and since I started this path of “finding myself”, it sound a little corny, but I guess it is as good as any description. What I realized is that I can connect to my grandmother and my grandfather by pure intention. So, even though their bodies are gone, their vibrations are still here. And I have felt their essence in meditation. I have called upon them, and they have come – I felt them.

I don’t claim to know all the mechanics of spirit and all that, but I have felt them through the resonance of my own being. And I can sort of feel like how they are, or were, I don’t know. I don’t know if I am actually accessing their energy that is left over, or if I am accessing them as they are now in the present moment, but I don’t really think that is the point. The point is that I am really feeling myself, and they remind me of parts of myself. And you can do this with any person alive or dead. You can do it in meditation, which I have found very effective. Lay/sit down and get away from any distractions, so you can focus on what it is you want to focus on.

So let’s say you want to connect with a person, you lay/sit down and meditate, and you simply ask your self in your mind: “What part of me is ‘this person’ (insert name)“, and you just allow that feeling to come over you and you feel certain things get triggered within. And the more sensitive you get to these things, the more specific these feelings get, and it will get stronger and stronger. And the more you clean out your own garbage, the stronger you can connect to these things. And when you walk among people, when you are clear enough, you will instantly feel how they are. But when you realize that it is your self you are feeling all the time, the grief aspect kind of changes a little. You know, you might still feel the grief, but you will understand what it is all about. It is about resonance. It is about finding your self basically. Realizing that you are all of it.

I’m not claiming to know it all, I figure things out as I talk about them, putting words onto the feelings I’m feeling. I’m sure you can tell I’m struggling to find the right words sometimes. But I hope you understand what I am trying to get at, it is all you, basically.

You filter the world through your own consciousness, your own energy field, your aura, your chakras.

You know, it is basically physics. There are energy centers, it’s like wireless communication. And you can’t have a transmission from antenna A without tuning antenna B to the same frequency. Same thing with people, you can’t feel a sense of grief for someone without having some kind of resonance with them from the beginning.


The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing… not healing, not curing… that is a friend who cares.
Henri Nouwen

Just know that you can still feel the person you are missing any time, no matter where they are, even if they are not in a physical body anymore. But you know, there is nothing wrong with grief. I think grief is healthy as well. I think we learn a lot about our self when we feel grief and it is not something we need to try and get away from.

So yeah, I think I am going to end it there. I don’t think I can explain this any better than I have at this point. But I hope you get some value from it at least. I got some value from making this video, at least that is something :)

Anyways, see you later. Thanks for being here. Bye!

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