Empathy – It’s all about resonance.

Right now I’m at the beach, again. It’s a yearly event we have in our family. We like to go to Rockaway Beach in Oregon. It’s a very nice day, you can see behind me here, it’s a blue sky and sunny and very nice. I’ve been out for a few hours now – walking […]

Being misunderstood – Your responsibility is you path, your perspectives and your definitions.

Misunderstood? It’s not your job to be understood

It’s was a beautiful day – not a cloud in sight – which was very nice. As I was walking out the door I was wondering, you know, “where do I go?”. I like to walk different places and find and discover new places. I chose to simply follow my intuition, so I was like just follow this road and see what […]


Infinite Paths to the Infinite

The path to the Infinite – Consider this before you start! You’ve already arrived… Sometimes the human mind can trick us into thinking that the path that lies before us is there to cradle us into whatever is sourced from the mind shatter (you know, those limited dreams and hopes and fears of ours we are […]

Meditation for beginners

Meditation – A guide to meditation for beginners

Meditation for Beginners In this guide to meditation for beginners, we will introduce a couple of resources that you might find helpful in your quest to learn meditation. If you are anxious to begin, read through the article and do the guided meditation at the bottom a try. It’s great! When you read the text […]

buzz lightyear

To Infinity and Beyond! A Journey of Self Discovery.

“To Infinity and Beyond!” – Buzz Lightyear Welcome to Be Infinity. This is the first post. Pretty awesome right? In the time to come the infinite will take over this blog, slowly eroding rigid structures of the mind. It will be guiding the consciousness toward that which is much more awesome…Infinity. Infinity is cool. Infinity is pure potential. Everything […]


Grief – Realize it is yourself you are missing… wait, what?

Hi! Espen here, again, with a new video. I’m going to be talking about grief today. I’m going to talk about how I perceive the emotion of grief, what I think it is. I’m going to talk about what I think are the causes of grief, how we can deal with grief in our own life, and […]


Fear – What is it, and how to deal with it?

What is fear? That’s a good question, huh? I think fear is similar to many other emotion which makes a person shut down. Then you have grief, which is also a sort of energy flow blockage. And then you have fear, which is another form of energies with labels on them, and I think they are degrees of the same pattern. So, lets for […]


Rammed Earth House Plans: Build a Home To Be Proud Of.

Are you looking for rammed earth house plans? If you have been looking on the internet for plans made specificaly for rammed earth homes, you probably found that there are few of these available. In my own search for rammed earth house plans, I came across a couple of good resources. I will share them with […]


The Intention to Love

Feelings of tiredness are not always so easy to deal with. When the body is tired and the thoughts are focused on the past, progress might seem like a long shot. Well, it is not. Behind the conscious processes of your mind, something much bigger is going on. A restructuring of every subtle process within […]


Follow Joy

Silence in a time of expansion is considered a luxury. Allow the present moment to gift you with whatever comes into your field of vision with open arms, and know that silence and peace will come once the discordant energies have played out and balanced themselves. Releasing imbalanced energies are the single most important thing […]

Definition of Infinity

Oneness, It’s Just Another Perspective

Reunion with spirit is like a rollercoaster of emotional and physical sensations. One minute you feel great with a strong spiritual connection and the next you might get hit with a feeling of pain and suffocation (if I can use that word…). The thing with spiritual awakening is that once your consciousness awakens, you see […]


Be still and listen

Silence is a precious thing, for within silence are the building-blocks to Infinity. Everything starts out as silence. In truth, nothing starts and nothing stops, but from a linear perspective, it all begins with silence. Silence is that place within you where you draw forward your creativity and passion. It is from this still place your […]


The art of surviving in a fearful world

Some speak of this new revolution that is going on in the world without knowing of its true meaning. Some people are about peace, love and respect for their fellow man, some are about the opposite. It is all the same my friend. The bad and the good are both faces of the same infinite coin. As […]